Those who woke up early this morning expecting inches of snow on the ground were surprised to find nothing.

That quickly changed around 5:30am when snow started to pummel the Hudson Valley. While the lack of overnight snow will probably keep totals under the predicted 12 inches, the National Weather Service is still calling for 5 to 8 inches in much of the Hudson Valley.

We were out in the snow as it started to pick up, and it quickly started accumulating in just a few minutes:

Many schools have already decided to close in anticipation of the storm and the department of transportation has banned tandem trailers from Route 84. This is a quick moving storm that is expected to accumulate very quickly, so those who don't have to venture out are urged to stay home until the snow stops this afternoon.

Some people reported thunder and lightning mixed with the snow clouds. We witnessed a lightning burst over Poughkeepsie around 5am this morning.

For the latest traffic, weather and closing information stay tuned to 101.5 WPDH all morning. You can also listen live on the free WPDH app.

Hudson Valley Storm Center


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