Up to ten Metro North conductors have been suspended after reportedly cheating on safety tests. LoHud reports the MTA Inspector General has been looking into the allegations and took action last week.

A ranking member of the Association of Commuter Rail Employees (ACRE) stands accused of unfairly helping a co-worker pass a test that's needed to go to work on the commuter rail. Another member of the training department that conducts the tests is suspected of leaking the test to other people.

A union rep has denied the charges and questioned why several of the suspected cheaters were allowed to stay on the job for more than a year after their tests were taken. Metro North confirmed they had recently disciplined several employees but declined to provided additional details.

The investigation comes on the heels of several issues with rail safety over the past few years. This includes a train derailment in 2013, after a conductor fell asleep at the wheel causing a derailment near Spuyten-Duyvil killing several riders. There is also the case of Ellen Brody who's SUV was struck by a train in Valhalla.