It appears that things are back to normal on the Metro-North rail line following a scary incident that unfolded yesterday in Orange County. During the early morning hours of Wednesday morning, a collision on the tracks between a car and train shut down travel on the line and created a nightmare scenario for commuters.

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Car-Train Collision in Wallkill

The incident in question took place in the town of Wallkill. According to CBS News, the incident happened just before 7am Wednesday morning when a New Jersey Transit train struck a car that had gotten stuck on the tracks.

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Reports from News 12: Hudson Valley stated that the train had apparently slipped while traveling on an adjacent road where it then got stuck on the tracks. The driver of the vehicle was able to escape from the car before it was eventually hit. At the time of the collision, the train was en route to Hoboken.

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At the time, there were only 17 passengers on  board the train. Despite the scary incident, none of the 17 passengers aboard the train were injured and neither was the driver of the vehicle that was struck.

Rail Travel Suspended

After the collision occurred traveling on the line was immidiately suspended. The suspension was implemented between Campbell Hall and Otisville while investigators investigated the scene and the mess was cleaned up.

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Due to the suspension of travel on the line, measures were taken to make sure commuters go to their intended destinations. People that were in possession of New Jersey Transit tickets were informed that their tickets would be honored and Metro-North was also in contact with buses that would be used to transport passengers to their new destinations to continue commutes.

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While it had taken a number of hours to investigate and clear the scene, by Wednesday afternoon, the line was opened and operational again, though delays were expected. Now roughly twenty-four hours later, fully operational and trains are running on time.

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