Police are searching for a suspect they say robbed a Family Dollar Store at gunpoint. What the alleged thief ran off with though is not exactly what you'd expect. Anyone seen a missing bag of cat litter around their neighborhood? If so, please notify authorities.

WCBS says that a man wielding a gun allegedly robbed the store in Crown Heights May 23. Police released the surveillance footage Saturday, which shows the man entering the store wearing a white shirt and a black mask, Officials then say the man pulled the gun from his waistband and stole items from the store. But what sort of items are we talking about? Police say the masked bandit took off with a bag of cat litter, a t-shirt, and some cans of air freshener. Well, least he's making his cat has a clean area to do what they got to do.

Saldy, crime is on the rise across the area, but some of the crimes you hear about are just plain bizarre. In February, a man allegedly stole anywhere from eight to ten pints of Häagen-Dazs from a CVS store and made a break for it. In this case though, the ice cream thief in question was lucky police weren't that far behind. He would layer need them. As the chase ensued, the suspect was able to evade police for a couple of blocks before climbing a fence at a nearby courtyard. Below him was an alleyway, but to get down there he'd have to climb or let go, and it was way too long of a drop. That's when the ice cream bandit ended up getting stuck on the ledge of the building. Police were able to save the man from bodily injury, though his prode make have taken a blow.