Has everyone gone bananas? Okay, that was kind of dumb, but what one suspect tried to pull off Wednesday morning in the Capitol Region is even more mind boggling.

Is this how it all started in Planet of the Apes?

The Albany Times Union is saying that someone dressed in a full gorilla suit attempted to rob a Thruway rest stop McDonald's early Wednesday morning. McDonald's employees said they saw the primate suspect with a large empty bag in front of an open safe.

This gorilla apparently wasn't very intimidating as they reportedly ran away once confronted by a McDonald's employee. The Times Union says it doesn't appear that the gorilla was armed.

Criminals love getting creative with their disguises. In late 2015, a man dressed s Darth Vader robbed a connivence store in Tonawanda. A more indecisive thief was dressed as both Batman and Captain America when they stole from beer from a store in Salamanca in 2016.

Or how bout the guy dressed as a werewolf who robbed a salon in Rockland County? Then there was the Dunkin Donuts in Washingtonville that was robbed by "Iron Man" in early 2016.

One of the all time weirdest getups however, came from a bank robbery in New Hampshire in 2007. Business Insider said a man entered the bank dressed as a tree. Yeah, this really happened.