Quarantine, isolation, pandemic, coronavirus and COVID-19. Words that were barely in our vocabulary mere months ago. And mask wearing? That's not something you would see in the United States. At least not a few months ago. Now many businesses are requiring you to wear one. And not everybody is happy about it.

We decided to do a few polls of our own here on The Boris and Robyn Show. We asked how many people are wearing a mask when they leave the house. And I'm happy to say that most people are putting masks on. On our Instagram poll, 71% of the people that answered said they wear masks when they are out. We also did a poll on facebook, and out of over 600 replies, less than 50 people said that they refuse to wear masks. And a few said they wear them, but only because they don't want to be judged.

As for me, I do wear one when I'm out. I don't go to very many stores these days, but when I have to go I always wear a mask. I figure it doesn't hurt, and if it can save someone from getting sick, why not wear one? How about you?

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