If you’ve ever read a book by acclaimed author James Patterson you his novels are hard to put down. However, it’s likely you never took it this far. A man was caught driving while reading a Patterson novel!

A Minnesota man was ticketed for distracted driving because he said he was engrossed in a James Patterson book. Patterson grew up in Newburgh. Police pulled over the man on a Minnesota highway because the officer alleged that the driver wasn’t watching the road.

The officer asked the man what was he looking at and he admitted that he was reading a James Patterson book on his tablet. The man was given a ticket. A police spokespersons offered advice to any Patterson fan on Fox 9 News, “Stay alive, don’t novel and drive.”

In 1947 Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York where he lived with his parents until eventually attending Manhattan College. Mentions of Newburgh and the Hudson Valley have appeared in a number of Patterson’s books. The popular author of the Alex Cross series of books was recently in the local area dressed up as Santa Clause.