Macy's has announced that they will be cutting jobs and closing more stores across the country, including right here in New York.

It was a disappointing holiday season for the retail giant as they struggled to get customers in the door. As a result Macy's announced today that they were slashing 6,200 jobs and eliminating 3,900 more by closing 100 stores this year.

68 of the 100 stores were announced this afternoon and they include three New York locations. Almost a year ago today Macy's announced that they would be closing their location in Kingston at the Hudson Valley Mall. The retail chain still has locations in Middletown in the Galleria at Crystal Run and at the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

So far it looks like both of those locations are not on the chopping block, but they could possibly be part of the next round of announcements. According to CNBC, Macy's will close locations at the Great Northern in Clay affecting 55 workers, the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City which currently employs 58 associates and The Marketplace in Rochester with nearly 80 employees.

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