One Hudson Valley college is tops in the nation for marijuana use. And no, it's not SUNY New Paltz.

Four of our local colleges scored big on this year's Princeton Review rankings. which judges schools across the country on academics, campus living and their social scene.

Marist College earned recognition for having one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. The school came in 15th on this year's list. Marist also has the 17th best study abroad program and came in 34th on a list of the best schools for game design.

SUNY New Paltz was previously listed on top of the "Reefer Madness" list, but not this year. We're not sure what happened, but New Paltz is no longer home to the most stoned students in the country (well, at least not according to this list). The school was grouped in with the most "green" colleges in the nation, but that list is all about being eco-friendly, not actually smoking the green stuff.

Vassar College is probably the most famous local college, and the legendary institution didn't disappoint on this year's Princeton Review rankings. The Poughkeepsie school is number two in the nation when it comes to best financial aid. They also rank fifth in a similar list of colleges with "great" financial aid. Vassar's other achievements include having the third best college library in the country, being the eighth LGBTQ-friendly school, and having the fifteenth most politically active student body. In 2014 Vassar was ranked the least religious school in the nation. This year they fall to tenth on that same list.

Dutchess County's Bard College made the most lists of any Hudson Valley college. The Annandale-on-Hudson school ranks 9th in four categories including best classroom experience, least religious students, a category called "nobody plays intramural sports" and another titled "professors get high marks." Administrators at Bard aren't as popular as professors, apparently, because they scored sixth in the nation in receiving low marks from students. Bard also has the eleventh best theater in the nation.

As for their student population, Bard ranked seventh in the United States for "tree-hugging vegetarian" students. Coincidentally, the school ranked third in pot use

Sorry, SUNY New Paltz. Better luck next year.

You can search all of the college rankings at The Princeton Review.