Do you think that your neighbors are 'all up in your business?' Maybe it's because they have noticed that you are doing something that just might be considered out of the ordinary.

Come on. Walking around the yard completely naked? This does seem to cause a bit of attention from everyone, not only on your street but also in your neighborhood. There even might be a secret group on Facebook or NextDoor that is complaining about it.

So, is it illegal to be naked in your own yard in New York State?

Naked man covered by a leaf

Ask yourself this question before I tell you if it is legal or not. Do you have neighbors that live pretty close to you? Do those neighbors have small kids? Do you need to be naked whenever you are working outside in the yard, or just want to be laying around in the lawn chair? Can these neighbors see you doing that?

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So is it really illegal to be naked in your own yard or is it just uncomfortable for the neighbors?

Sing warning that there is a nude beach ahead

The legalities of the issue come down to where you are being naked. If you are on private property and behind a privacy fence where your neighbors can't see you then you are probably not breaking any laws, and no one will bother you. If you are promoting lewdness, or on public property, that is where you are going to get cited, fined and possibly arrested.

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