The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we do everything during our daily lives. How do we adapt to this new way of life?

It seems like a lifetime ago when the pandemic began back in March, but here we are, eight or nine months later with COVID spiking once again across the world, and more importantly right here in the Hudson Valley.

Our lives are forever changed due to this pandemic, and we must adapt to this new way of life. Wearing a mask when we're in public, seems like it is going to be something that is here to stay for a while. Our hands being raw from the sanitizer use, don't touch this, don't touch that, don't stand so close, six-feet, ah, I wanna scream!

Living through this current situation is very wearing on people. Situations like this can make people sink into depressions among many and other things. Our overall mental health is being pushed to the point of breaking. Trying to hold on to a job while trying to attempt to assist your children with the struggles of virtual learning. How do we pretend it's all going to be okay when we really have no clue?

I try to look at this positively and think about the things that resulted from the pandemic. Being stuck at home for so long, we were able to save money and establish a little bit of a nest egg. Our family bonds are stronger, as we've spent nearly all of our time together.

I've had more time to focus on being a better parent, having the time to ask my kids more questions, hear their thoughts, their feelings on what's going on in the world, that's what matters. Before the pandemic, everything seemed rushed and chaotic.

It's easy to slip into the negative with all that's going on in the world, but at the end of the day, cherish what you have and appreciate the extra time you have to enjoy it.

Adapting to this weird new world is not easy, and honestly, it sucks. But enjoy what you have, the people around you, and live in the moment. Let's look back on 2020 as not the year that was the worst ever, but rather the year that you learned to cherish what you have in your life.

As for me, I'm very grateful.

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