A few weeks ago, after I published my glowing review of Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut Lady Bird and added it to Rotten Tomatoes, I prayed that no critic would sour the film’s 100 percent score. How could a human dislike the heartwarming, tearjerking high school coming-of-age movie so much as to give it a negative review? (And if said human is out there, I’d say avoid them at all costs.) As it turns out, my prayers worked and now, three weeks after opening, Lady Bird is still a solid 100 percent fresh. Even more incredible? The Saoirse Ronan film about a Sacramento high schooler just became the best reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes… of all time.

Now plenty of films have 100 percent score on the review aggregator's Tomatometer, but it all comes down to how many reviews a film gets to lay claim to that coveted record. Toy Story 2 previously held the title of Rotten Tomatoes’ best reviewed film with a total of 163 fresh reviews. But Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis kept an eye on Lady Bird‘s still-incoming reviews over the weekend and noticed this morning that several more had been added, surpassing the Pixar sequel. As of publication, Gerwig’s movie has 169 fresh reviews. As Timothée Chalamet’s Kyle would say, “That’s very baller.”

That number can easily go up, too, for better or worse. There’s technically no cut-off for when new reviews can be added for a film, and as Lady Bird continues to win the hearts of critics – heck, even Armond White, who ruined Get Out‘s perfect score, liked Lady Bird – it will surely gain more positive reviews in weeks to come. But if there’s a cold-hearted, Lady Bird-hating critic out there who’s still mad at their mother, we’re watching you. Consider your actions.

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