Today's temperatures are expected to be the warmest we've seen in six months. But that's nothing compared to what will happen on Tuesday.

If anyone deserves some nice weather it's us. While we did have some unseasonable warm weather in the middle of winter, the past few weeks have been cold, dreary and downright depressing.

That record-setting blizzard didn't help much either.

So it should be no surprise that everyone is excited at the prospect of warm weather. This week we'll actually see temperatures above 80 degrees, something many of us thought we'd never see again.

The National Weather Service is calling for a high temperature of 84 degrees in Poughkeepsie on Tuesday. Kingston and most of Ulster County will also see temperatures in the mid 80s, while Newburgh and much of Orange County will be a few degrees cooler, but still somewhere around 80.

Some scattered rain overnight on Tuesday will cool things off a little for Wednesday, with temperatures right around 70. After that we'll bounce around in the 60s for a few days before rebounding to the 70s for Easter Sunday.

Yes, winter is officially over in the Hudson Valley.