The first lady has been called in to help win an especially nasty campaign battle that's heating up in the Hudson Valley.

Joe Biden's poll numbers aside, Jill Biden is extremely popular with voters. In fact, the first lady has become highly sought after by politicians all over the country looking to boost support at the polls.

According to The Hill, Jill Biden is planning a trip to the Hudson Valley on Sunday to generate some more energy around an ugly political battle that has become a tight race.

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A few weeks ago it looked like Sean Patrick Maloney was a shoo-in to win reelection in New York’s 18th Congressional District. But last week a super PAC began pumping millions of dollars into the market in support of Michael Lawler. Ads supporting the GOP candidate have been flooding the airwaves. In fact, one entire commercial break during Jeopardy! on ABC-7 was completely filled with negative ads attacking Maloney this week.

The race that was an all but certain win for the Democrats has now become a toss-up, so Democrats are hoping to motivate voters by bringing the first lady to the Hudson Valley. Jill Biden will appear in Mount Kisco on Sunday alongside Maloney at what's being called a political finance event.

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If the GOP is starting to make the New York senator nervous, he's certainly not showing it. Maloney, who is also the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tells Politico he's confident that he will defeat Lawler.

They’ve made the decision to spend $10 million of MAGA money trying to beat me and that makes me happy that they’re not spending it out there against the frontliners I’m working so hard to elect. And when the dust settles, I’m going to win this race.

After stumping for Maloney in Mount Kisco Jill Biden will head to Plainview for a photo-op with Robert Zimmerman who's running in the 3rd Congressional District.

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