According to data from the Washington Post, Jets and Giants fans sure do get arrested a lot at the games.

Using the law enforcement collected from 2011-15, an average of 21.96 arrests were made per contest during home games. The Post says that 22.5 arrest were at Giants games and 21.5 at Jets games.

So what town lead the NFL for arrests? This may surprise you, but fans of the San Diego Chargers lead the league in arrests per game, with 24.58.

So does this mean people from New York are just prone to trouble? Not quite. A former NFL head of security said that one of the factors leading to so many arrests in cities like New York and San Diego are the zero-tolerance policies set forth by the respective franchises.

Basically, security at MetLife Stadium doesn't mess around.

How about the cities with the fewest? Seattle, Chicago and Tampa Bay all ranked at the bottom with 0.8 arrests per game.