By now, you've probably heard, seen or was watching when Damar Hamlin from the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field after making a tackle in the first quarter of the Buffalo-Cincinnati game on Monday Night.

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The players, coaches and everyone watching at home and in the stands was shocked by what happened. He was eventually taken away by an ambulance and was in critical condition.

Damar Hamlin Monday Night Football Timeline

As bad as that was, we continue to pray for him, his family and his doctors. This is a tragic event that can be debated at another time. There may not be much good in all of this but here is one way that you can help him now.

In 2021, Hamilin was selected in the sixth round by the Buffalo Bills but in 2020, he began the Chasin M's Foundation to raise money to buy toys for children in need. He wanted to positively impact the community that raised him and to never forget where he came from.

The Chasing M's Foundation Community Toy Drive

You can read the rest of his description here. His fundraiser had a goal of $2,500 but received new support after his cardiac arrest on the football field on Monday, January 2nd.

It's gone past the 4 million dollar mark and you can go here to make a donation as well as sharing messages of support and prayers with your donation. Your generosity and compassion means the world to Hamlin and the rest of his family.

Message From Damar Hamlin's Family

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