You can own a piece of a very iconic store that was once open in the Hudson Valley.

'The Jersey Shore' was a staple of reality television and it will go down in history for starting a cultural movement and being one of the most popular shows on television. Whether people admitted it or not, they knew something about the show and there were a ton of "secret Jersey Shore watchers". One of the most notable people on the show was Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, she was a pint sized party animal who had a huge personality, big hair and made a big name for herself on the show.

Many people didn't know this, but Snooki has some HUGE ties to the Hudson Valley. She was raised here and eventually graduated from Marlboro High School. Snooki kinda toned down the party girl image...kinda (thankfully not too much) and eventually got married, had children and started a new career that wasn't really surprising to anyone.

Jersey Shore star opens business in Beacon, NY:

Snooki opened a clothing store right on Main Street in Beacon a few years go. Snooki was very vocal about how excited she was to be opening a store "back home" and Hudson Valley residents were very excited to check it out. I know a few people who went and they said she really did have some stuff for sale (I'm still bummed that I didn't have the change to check it out.

Fast forward to a few months ago, Snooki shocked everyone when she announced that she would be closing her Beacon store down and she would be opening a new store in Beacon. She also has a store in New Jersey, but no real answer was given about why she was closing down the Hudson Valley spot.

How can you own a piece of 'The Snooki Shop'?

Here's your chance to own a piece of Jersey Shore history and if you buy it on a Thursday you made a Jerz-Day purchase.

I'll stop now....

A van from 'The Snooki Shop' is for sale on Facebook Marketplace and the person selling it is Andy Polizzi, I'm thinking that is the Jersey Shore star's father. How cool would it be to say that you talked to Snooki's dad LOL

Here's the rundown on the van:

A. Polizzi on Facebook Marketplace/Canva
A. Polizzi on Facebook Marketplace/Canva

The engine and generator were newly serviced, it has new tires and the air conditioning works. The truck was used a mobile boutique and it has a small changing area and small counter inside.

A. Polizzi on Facebook Marketplace/Canva
A. Polizzi on Facebook Marketplace/Canva


So before everyone gets upset and leaves nasty comments I do want to point something out. I know this van isn't from her Beacon store, but it's still something really cool to own and she just shut down the Beacon spot....she did not close all her stores. So it's still like owning a piece of her store and brand that was once here in the Hudson Valley.

To whoever buys it....can I go for a ride?

A new business did take over the old store and we wish them the best of luck.

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