All throughout New York state, there's always something new to learn about its historical and fascinating past. Within the Hudson Valley, there are several counties that each have their own story.

Some historical sites and landmarks are marked with markers while others have been forgotten. There are parts of the Hudson Valley's history that remain unknown until discovered.

What Fascinating And Historical Information Is Known About Tuxedo Park, NY?

Not only were tuxedos invented in the Hudson Valley but so was cream cheese. This took place in the 1870's by William Lawrence who was a dairy farmer. Cream cheese was invented in Chester, NY.

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Did You Know That Tuxedos Were Made In The Hudson Valley?

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Tuxedos were also born in Orange County, NY within Tuxedo Park, NY. This invention took place during the Gilded Age period which is around the 1880's.

The Tuxedo Club shared that this popular, mens formal wear attire was created by a member of The Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, NY.

Tuxedo Park, NY shared information about the invention of the tuxedo. 

It started with Pierre Lorrillard's family who were known for being healthy.

At an event at the Tuxedo Club, a family member of the Lorrillard's dressed in formal wear that was different. This new look would soon become a style that would take over America. This Lorillard member designed formalwear that removed the tails from his trailcoat.

Other stories claim that this family member was getting annoyed with the tails of his formal wear and decided to change it. The "unconventional attire" of that time appeared to gain attention from those who attended the events.

Additional information about how tuxedos were created in Tuxedo, NY can be found on 94.3 Lite FM.

One Of America's First Gated Communities Still Stands In The Hudson Valley

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It's possible you may have driven through or by one of America's first gated communities.

Forbes shared that Tuxedo Park, NY is also known as 

"One of the oldest gated communities in the country"

Tuxedo Park Estates shared that residents don't have to be millionaires to reside in Tuxedo Parks Estates.The historic stone gates are a perfect entrance to this charming community that's filled with mansions, lakes and more.

Although this is one of the oldest gated communities in America, there is plenty to do there to this day. Forbes continued to explain that activities including tennis, fishing and boating remain popular within Tuxedo Park, NY.

Did You Know About This Former Hudson Valley Racetrack That is Now A Hidden Preserve?

The Historical Marker Database shared information about one of the Hudson Valley's former racetrack that is now a hidden preserve.

The Race Track Nature Preserve was established in the 1880's. During this time, this site was known as a polo field along with horse racing and a dog showground until the 1940's.

It wasn't until 2016 that this historic property then turned into a nature preserve by the Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board.

The Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board explained that the racetrack can be described as, 

"a 21-acre flat land owned by the Village of Tuxedo Park".

They also shared that this area was once abandoned and a dumping ground.

Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board explained that the Race Track Nature Preserve needed work such as removal of invasive plants, the planting of flowers, grass, trees and more. 

The Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board shared examples of how to keep this historic preserve healthy and clean. They suggested keeping all dogs on leash and cleaning up after them along with staying on mowed paths.

How Can Guests Get To The Race Track Nature Preserve In Tuxedo Park, NY?

Facebook, Tuxedo Park Garden Club
Facebook, Tuxedo Park Garden Club

The Historical Marker Database also shared that this marker is located at the intersection of Tuxedo Road and Clubhouse Road and in the post office area in Tuxedo Park, NY.

The Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board stated that the 300 of 450 plus trees and plants that are in Tuxedo Park, NY have a home in the Race Track Nature Preserve. This area has insects such as moths and butterflies along with mammals including deer, raccoons, squirels, rabbits and more.

Additional information about the Race Track Nature Preserve can be found with the Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board and the Historical Marker Database.

Have you heard of The Race Track Nature Preserve before? What outdoor preserve or walking trail do you enjoy the most in the Hudson Valley? Tell us more below.

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