With the start of a new year, local businesses have already made changes.

While some Hudson Valley businesses have closed their doors such as the popular one's in Sullivan County, others have just started their journey.

In New Paltz and Monticello, fan favorite businesses closed their doors. Facebook users shared their opinions on the closing of these restaurants.

In 2023 Kingston, NY saw the opening of a former Kingston bowling alley that was transformed into a 40+ vendor mecca. Locals also had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the recent news of the voting of Kingston's new green space and its name.

Also, Hudson Valley foodies followed a highly rated Kingston, NY eatery to their second location when they opened.

What Will Come To Kingston, NY In 2024?

Canva, Facebook, Bardavon Presents
Canva, Facebook, Bardavon Presents

While Kingston, NY residents experienced an exciting year in the area, they can look forward to more news on the way.

Golden Girls lovers shouldnt miss an upcoming event taking place in Ulster County, NY. This show will take place at UPAC in Kingston, NY.

Hudson Valley foodies can once again rejoice with the announcement of a farmers market favorite who has found their permanent home in Kingston, NY as well. 

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Have You Heard Of This Farmers Market Favorite With Quality Coffee Beans?

Autonomous Coffee is well known throughout the Hudson Valley and especially at local farmers markets. 

Autonomous Coffee takes pride in,

"quality beans for all you fiends with little means."

They continued to share,

"If you sip or guzzle, our roasts turn your mug into a muzzle. Whether your collar is white, blue, or plaid, drink Autonomous Coffee it's so good, it's better than bad."


Autonomous Coffee's Permanent Home Will Be In Kingston, NY

On social media, Autonomous Coffee has been keeping their customers informed on upcoming plans and opportunities to experience more of their coffee.

Autonomous Coffee shared the following on Instagram,

"Farm measurements aside, you definitely won't miss this sign.


#AutonomousCoffee is setting roots in a brick and mortar of our own. We have bean pretty quiet while details were being ironed out, but as the process moves forward, we will be sharing that process with our #coffeefiends. "


"Be sure to follow along!"

Customers also have the chance to see where this popular coffee company will be calling home.

When And Where Will Autonomous Coffee Open In Kingston, NY?

Canva, Google Maps, Autonomous Coffee, Instagram
Canva, Google Maps, Autonomous Coffee, Instagram

Autonomous Coffee shared that they plan to open their Foxhall Ave location by summer of 2024. The location of Autonomous Coffee is 380 Foxhall Ave Kingston, NY 12401.

Autonomous Coffee explained,

“Our name / brand reflects the very culture that coffee itself embodies.”


“The first morning sip that put the surrounding world on pause. The “Coffee Break” is a universally recognized moment of autonomy. A ritual so respected, one’s boss knows not to disturb.”

They also shared that their coffee shop will

“be a roastery, drive-thru, and grab & go.”

Autonomous Coffee will also have online order pick up options available. Pastries, drip and espresso drinks will be on site along with their 1, 2 and 5 pound bags for purchase with any order.

Did you know that this address was the home to Tim's Automotive? This auto shop is now permanently closed. 

Autonomous Coffee will be bringing an entirely new sense of smell and business to Foxhall Ave. in Kingston, NY.

Which coffee shop in the Hudson Valley is your favorite? Will you visit Autonomous Coffee when they open this summer in Kingston, NY? Tell us more below.

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