New York State lawmakers debated for weeks on several issues including taxes.

Over the weekend, New York lawmakers passed the New York State budget, about three weeks late.

Historic New York State Budget Passed

Mike Groll/Office of Governor Kathy Hochul

The $237 billion spending plan is three percent more than last year. The state's spending plan is the largest in New York's history.

It includes many changes that may impact New York State residents. Below are the highlights of FY 2025 Enacted Budget.

Highlights Of The 2025 New York State Budget

Here are the highlights of the historic $237 billion state budget.

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Taxes Not Increased


Hochul's office highlights that despite making "record investments" for New Yorkers income taxes won't be raised.

"We are delivering a common-sense agenda that makes New York safer and more affordable," Governor Hochul said. "I promised to fight for New Yorkers and tackle the thorny issues, and that’s exactly what we’ve done."

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The budget includes hundreds of new initiatives that will help New York workers, improved pension benefits, fight crime, fix the state's mental health system and build more housing so people can afford to live and thrive in New York.

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