A sign in Fishkill that seemed to show Bigfoot crossing the road has been de-Sasquatched and it's all my fault.

The bridge on Washington Avenue near Maple Street was replaced in 2023. The effort was extensive and led to realignment of the road and traffic delays in the months when the work was being completed.

Bigfoot Appears in Fishkill

After the road work was completed, a road sign was erected on Maple Street leading onto the bridge. It was your typical "slippery when wet" signage except for one small detail: there was a very large figure crossing the slippery road that seemed to resemble Bigfoot.

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The Bigfoot appeared shortly after the sign went up in 2023. The figure was a black silhouette and blended in with the image of a car and curves in the road so that it seemed to be a natural part of the sign.

Bigfoot Sign
Jackie Corley
Jackie Corley
Jackie Corley

I wrote about this delightful road sign in late March. By mid-April, Bigfoot had vanished.

Bigfoot Disappears in Fishkill

The Bigfoot was not actually a part of the sign. It was a decal surreptitiously placed there.

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The graffiti artist almost got away with it too, if it weren't for the darn local media. And by local media, I mean me.

When I called the Town of Fishkill Highway Department, they confirmed the Bigfoot that had casually walked across the road sign for months had been cleaned up after it was brought to their attention.

I'm sorry, Hudson Valley. I'm why we can't have nice things.

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