Looking for some staycation ideas in the Hudson Valley this summer? Have no fear! A popular travel website has named a few Hudson Valley towns the coolest to visit this summer season.

New York is Cool?

According to World Atlas, New York is pretty cool. And we're not talking about New York City. Actually, a recent survey confirms that Times Square in New York City was recently dubbed the World's Worst Tourist Trap.  Words like "grimey" and "stressful" were used to describe the Big Apple.

Ah, what a lovely title to hold.

However, a trip upstate (we use that word lightly) will bring you to some of the coolest towns in New York.

Cool Hudson Valley Towns To Visit This Summer

World Atlas compiled a list of New York State towns that are the 10 Coolest Towns In New York For A Summer Vacation In 2024. And guess what? The Hudson Valley makes the list 4 times!

The coolest Hudson Valley towns to visit this summer according to World Atlas are:

Cold Spring, New York


World Atlas reports that the big attraction to look forward to for your next Cold Spring visit is the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve, with over "7,400 acres of unspoiled wilderness best seen in areas like the Breakneck Ridge or along the Hudson River" you won't be disappointed when it comes to views and outdoor adventure.
Bethel, New York


As we all know Bethel Woods is home to the original site of the Woodstock Music Festival. World Atlas zeros in on all the amazing shows you can check out at Bethel throughout the summer and the opportunity to check out one of the best music-themed musemes!
Woodstock, New York

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're visiting the cool town of Woodstock, New York World Atlas suggests a hike at Overlook Mountain or a meditation stop at the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.
Sleepy Hollow, New York


Of course, if you stop in Sleepy Hollow, New York, you'll have to take in some of the paranormal lore and learn all about the history of The Headless Horsemen. But besides all the spooky stuff, there's a lot of history in Sleepy Hollow. World Atlas suggest a visit to Kykuit, the Rockefeller State Park Preserve; and the David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center.

Other "Cool" Hudson Valley Towns to Check Out This Summer

There are a handful of Hudson Valley towns that didn't make the World Atlas list of Cool NY Towns, but there is no shortage of fun places to check out this summer. Maybe Warwick New York and all of their wineries will be on your staycation list?

25 Places that Make Warwick, Warwick

Based in Orange County, New York near the New Jersey border, Warwick was incorporated in 1789, it includes the villages of Florida, Greenwood Lake, and the eponymous village itself. Not only does it have villages within itself, it also includes eight hamlets.

Gallery Credit: Mary Murphy


Wappingers Falls didn't make the list of coolest towns, but it might be the bougiest. I mean take a look at the most expensive home on the market in Wappingers Falls on Zillow:

Tour the Most Expensive Home For Sale in Wappingers Falls, New York

For $2,199,000 this gorgeous Wappingers Falls, New York could be yours! I've always wanted to live in a house with fountains INSIDE.

Stanfordville, New York might not be the coolest according to World Atlas, but they do have one of the best Disc Golf Courses in the World!

One of The Best Disc Golf Courses in the World is Located in New York

Wilcox Memorial Park in Stanfordville, New York is home to one of the Best Disc Golf Courses on the planet!