Celebrities have invaded the Hudson Valley. Kind of.

Popular Talk Show Host Puts Spotlight on The Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley has been in the spotlight recently thanks to one famous talk show host. The host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, John Oliver has put the limelight on Kingston, New York's Deising's Bakery.

In short, Oliver's crew won the equipment from the recently closed-down Red Lobster in Kingston at auction. Eric Deising had left a note on the door before he heard about the auction asking for a few of the abandoned stoves and ovens.

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A media beef ensued. And now, there are new stoves at Deising's and a John Oliver Bear Cake. We asked Eric and Pete Deising if John Oliver has stopped by yet, and they said not yet...but they hope he will come by in the future.

It's not crazy to think that Oliver would make a trip out to Kingston. I mean the ladies of The Real Housewives of NY have visited the bakery in the past, why not John Oliver?

30 Places You Might Run into a Celebrity in the Hudson Valley

That got us thinking about all the celebrity sightings recently and in the past across the Hudson Valley.

In 2023 Jason Aldea, Matthew Grey Gubler, and Bailee Madison were all spotted around town. Plus, the many other celeb sightings in town throughout the years. Remember when Kelly Clarkson was at LEGOLAND? Or when Post Malone was in Poughkeepsie?

Take a look at some of the Hudson Valley locations you may run into a celebrity below:

30 Places You Might Run into a Celebrity in The Hudson Valley

Hollywood on The Hudson is real! It seems like there's a new celebrity sighting in the Hudson Valley. Here are a few of the hot spots that you may run into a celeb while walking around town.

Latest Hudson Valley Casting Call. Could the Next Big Star Be From the HV?

We joke about Hollywood on the Hudson all the time and all of these celebrity sightings in the area. But, the Hudson Valley really is a hot spot for new movie and television productions.

Recently, Hudson Valley Casting shared that a movie filming in the region during July 2024 is looking for the tiniest actors in town. A baby girl is needed for the production from age 6-12 months but must represent a non-walking baby.

You can learn more and keep up to date with all the latest casting calls on the Hudson Valle Casting Facebook page. 

Speaking of productions that were filmed in the Hudson Valley, have you seen any of these?

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