Has anyone seen Spring? Please tell it to head to the Hudson Valley immediately.

The weather has been completely all over the place in the Hudson Valley for the past month and a half. I swear, there were some days in early February that were warmer temperature-wise compared to some of the days we've had recently.

It seems like this is becoming a popular weather pattern around New York State where winter lingers around forever, there's really no spring and then all of sudden we just go right to summer (the right into summer part I don't mind at all).

A recent warning was issued for the Hudson Valley and it's ridiculous that were are getting this kind of weather when we are well past mid-April. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it and it made me feel like I had to vomit (I take the weather very personally and seriously).

What weather warning was recently issued for the Hudson Valley?

According to Hudson Valley Weather, a FROST Advisory has been issued on  April 22nd (today) until 8:00 am EDT on April 23rd.


What do you need to worry about when there's a frost advisory in place?

A lot of people are trying to get their plants and gardens ready for the new season so you do need to be mindful that the frost could harm outdoor vegetation. Also, sensitive outdoor plants could be harmed if they are not covered and frost and freeze conditions could cause serious damage like killing crops and cause to damage to unprotected outdoor plumbing.

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If you didn't do this before you left for work this morning, you should as soon as you get in later.

We just have to hope for some warmer days ahead and seriously hope this is the last freeze warning we get for the season.

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