Daryl Hall's sixth solo album wasn't just co-produced by Dave Stewart. The Eurythmics legend also co-wrote seven of its nine new original songs, while Hall penned the other two more.

D is due on June 21. The video for the album's first single and a complete track listing can be found below. Preorders are already underway. Stewart previously served as a co-producer on Hall's 1986 solo album Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine, and co-wrote four songs for that project, as well.

"This album is about getting to my core," Hall said in an official release. The goal on D was to "break it down to the real thing, have fun, tropical reverie – and rekindle a musical relationship with a great friend."

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D is Hall's first album since 2011's Laughing Down Crying. In the meantime, he issued 2022's BeforeAfter, a 30-song compilation of solo work dating back to 1980's Robert Fripp-produced Sacred Songs. Hall's erstwhile partner John Oates will release his own new solo album titled Reunion on May 17.

D was recorded and mixed at Stardust Studios in Harbour Island, Bahamas. There will also be exclusive vinyl variants, including silver at independent record stores and turquoise at Barnes & Noble.

Daryl Hall's Falling Out With John Oates

Hall's summer tour with Elvis Costello also kicks off in June at Oregon and continues through July in Virginia. Key stops include the Greek Theater in Los Angeles (June 18), the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas (June 23) and New York’s Radio City Music Hall (July 16).

This burst of activity follows a rough patch for Hall and Oates, rock's best-selling duo. Hall filed a lawsuit then obtained a temporary restraining order in an attempt to block Oates from selling his share in their joint venture to Primary Wave Music. Hall argued that the sale would violate terms of their business agreement. Oates described himself as "deeply hurt" by the accusations, before saying more recently that he'd simply moved on.

Daryl Hall, 'D' Track Listing
All songs written by Daryl Hall and Dave Stewart, except where noted:
1. "The Whole World's Better"
2. "Too Much Information"
3. "Can't Say No to You"
4. "Rather Be a Fool" (Hall)
5. "Rainbow Over the Graveyard"
6. "Not the Way I Thought It Was"
7. "Walking in Between Raindrops"
8. "Why You Want to Do That (To My Head)"
9. "Break It Down to the Real Thing" (Hall)

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