In case you missed it, recent reports have shown that the Empire State has been dealing with massive problems with Bed Bugs and Rats. Now, thanks to additional data from the US Census Bureau, it looks like we need to add cockroaches to the list.

What Exactly Are Roaches?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Cockroaches are an ancient species of insect that have lived on Earth for more than 320 million years. There are more than 4,600 different types of roaches that live on Earth, but only around 30 are usually found living among people.

Cockroaches have six legs, wings, and antenna. They can run up to three miles an hour, and have been around since the dinosaurs. They range in size and color, and their shed skin contains allergens that can cause asthma.
-United States Environmental Protection Agency

The three most common types of roaches found in America are the German Cockroach: Blattella Germanica, American Cockroach: Periplaneta Americana, and the Brownbanded Cockroach: Supella Longipalpa.

Look At All These Roaches

The US Census Bureau collects all sorts of data while counting the more than 330 million people who live in America. Included in the data they collect is data on pest infestations.

That data shows that nearly 15 million American households have been infested with Roaches, which doesn't seem like a lot in a country of 331 million, but when you break it down by city, the problem indeed shows.

Houston, TX, has the worst roach problem in the country, with more than 35% of households reporting roach sightings.

US Census Bureau
US Census Bureau

How Bad Is New York's Roach Problem?

The roach problem in New York City is bad enough to land it among the top 15 cities with the worst roach problems.

The data from the Census Bureau shows that more than 11% of households in the Big Apple have a problem with the little critters.

Whether you heard it in the Wizard Of Oz, familiar with the original song by Harold Arlen, or one of many remakes made over the years, you've likely heard the phrase: Lions & Tigers & Bears, oh my!. Well, it seems that there is a new saying that we need to consider adding to the lexicon: Bed Bugs & Rats & (and now) Roaches, oh my!

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