Every year in my house we always end up having the same conversation about whether or not we should make the switch and ditch the cable box.

It's like deja vu every year. We get frustrated with how much money we have going out each month between cable service, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the list goes on. It all adds up, and when you do the math, you end up shelling out over $300 a month for all this stuff. Is it really worth it?

So what do we do? Every time, I call our cable provider and tell them that I want to downgrade to just internet service, and then they say something along the lines of "Well, let's at least go over your options", and just like that I higher internet speeds, and upgraded channels, and a lower bill, the whole nine yards. It simply just pacifies us for a little while until our bill randomly gets higher month by month and then we're back at the same spot we were the last time. Honestly, I'm tired of the cycle.

Now I see things like the Discovery App which includes a lot of the networks I watch on a regular basis and it's $4.99 or something like that. So I'm thinking, maybe get rid of the cable service, add this new app along with the other streaming services I already use, and I should save well over $100 a month, which is huge. The big question is, will I be happy if I make the switch? Only one way to find out.

Have you ditched cable? If so, leave your experiences below.

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