We ❤ Port Ewen, New York.

Before we start, if you have just asked yourself where is Port Ewen? Let us explain. You might have driven through it on your way to Kingston many times and had no idea it even existed. Port Ewen is just south of Kingston, New York, and is home to around 4,000 full-time residents, all of which know how to correctly say its name unlike many other people from around the Hudson Valley.

It's the Most Miss-Pronounced Town Name in the Hudson Valley

Anyone who doesn't call Port Ewen home has at one time or another called it Port Ewing. I know from experience that when you say it the wrong way, folks that live there can't wait to correct you...LOL. It's Port EWEN. I called Port Ewen home twice in my life and after being corrected many, many times I will never say it wrong again!

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One of the Hudson Valleys Best Christmas Light Displays

As we approach the holidays, we are starting to see some of the decorations pop up all across the area and Port Ewen not only has one of the bigger displays in the Hudson Valley, it also has a great story behind why the family who does it every does it. The display is located every year at 113 Ulster Ave in Port Ewen. Courtney called us to let us know that her boyfriend's family has been doing the display for many years and the reason it has gotten to be so big today is that many years ago, a man stopped to see their then small display and told her boyfriend's dad that he would like to pay for some of the lights. Why? The man said that it was the first time his autistic son ever said "look daddy lights!" Ever since that day, the dad has made it his mission to make sure the light display was put up every year.

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Lots of History is Stored in Port Ewen

Iron Mountain is one of the largest companies in the world when it comes to safely storing important documents and assets. Iron Mountain has a location off of Route 9W in Port Ewen. Over the years, I've asked numerous questions about what's really stored there and if it's true that they have things stored for miles underground? My questions have gone unanswered, but from what I've heard over the years, they could be holding all kinds of American history including documents signed by presidents from way back when...to the Beatles music catalog.

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