A few things have happened over the course of the last three plus years, what a whirlwind. If you have managed to not somehow acquire COVID-19, that is absolutely amazing. How have you not had a case of it? Share your secrets with all of us!

Do you think that you can no longer be vigilant in the fight to make sure you don't get COVID-19? The fight is real. COVID is still something that continues to surprise people when they contract it. Does this mean that you can no longer think about masks, vaccines and vats of hand sanitizer? Sadly, no.

Is COVID-19 still a worry for New York State Residents?

COVID19 test for diagnosis new corona virus
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Yes, it is. COVID cases (not only in New York State) but around the world. This last week, NY's Governor Hochul shared that there is yet another COVID Variant that is making its way out into the world. Plus, with kids returning to schools, aka the petri dish of the family, the Governor is asking that we all remain vigilant in our COVID fight. 

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What can you do to help keep COVID-19 away?

COVID-19 Tests In Short Supply As Infection Rates Rise
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If you are a person who gets vaccines, there will be a new version of vaccine released middle to end of September 2023. Continue to wear a k95 face mask when you are in public situations, and stay vigilant with your handwashing and cleaning.

Have you had COVID? Have you come down with it multiple times? What is the one thing that you would recommend for people who are trying to not get it? Stay Healthy!

All-Time COVID Deaths Per County in New York

DON'T Do This After Getting a COVID-19 Booster Shot

I made the stupid decision of going against this helpful advice, and now I am paying the price. Learn how to care for yourself after a getting COVID-19 Booster.