With all of the retail stores moving out of the Hudson Valley, one giant retailer might be quietly moving in.

Bloomberg reports that people with knowledge of the situation say Amazon is looking to increase their footprint across the country. The online giant is said to be considering a move into markets across the country by purchasing soon-to-be closed Toys R Us locations.

Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods, which put them in more than 450 locations. But markets without Whole Foods, like the Hudson Valley, are attractive markets for Amazon to plant their flag in.

Toys R Us has locations in Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Danbury, Kingston and even an outlet store in Woodbury. It is possible that Amazon may want to tap into the local market by purchasing at least one, if not more of these soon-to-be-closed stores.

Experts believe that Amazon would not be interested in maintaining the Toys R Us brand. Instead, they would rebrand the stores as Amazon, giving customers a brick and mortar location to pick up and return items and even possibly browse inventories.

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