Last week news broke of fire that occured at the recently opened battery storage facility in the town of Warwick. The fire caught more attention due to the fact it lies on property owned by the Warwick School District and is in close vicinity to schools in the area.

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Warwick Fire Department as well as other officials from both Warwick and Orange County attended the scene to access the situation. This brings us to today where new information regarding the battery storage fire was just recently announced.


Struggles of Handling the Warwick Battery Storage Fire

When firefighters arrived at the location to the scene of the battery storage fire, they needed to come up with a plan for how to handle it. In this situation, the handling of a battery fire meant that firefighters elected to allow the fire to burn itself out once it had burned though everything it could in the one unit.

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This meant that for firefighters present, the job wasn't to necessarily exterminate the fire but instead to contain it. In addition, air quality tests were conducted routinely and at the time results showed that tests of the air were within "non alarming levels". For those interested in reading more about the initial news of the battery storage fire, please follow the link below.

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New Reports Following Battery Storage Facility Fire in Warwick

New information has just been released regarding the battery storage facility fire. Firefighters initial plans of containing and allowing the fire to burn itself out were successful as the fire was unable to reach any of the other units on the property.

In report from News 12 Hudson Valley, it was reported that the damaged batteries from the fire have now been collected. With the batteries collected, it now means investigators can do there part an figure out what it was that caused the fire to start in the first place.

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While officials beginning their investigation is a positive development, there is also some troubling news  to come from this information dump. Apparently there was not one but actually two lithium ion battery storage facilities in Warwick, a primary and secondary locations and fires occurred at both facilities.

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The first site is located on the Church Street Extension while the second facility is located on County Route 1. The more troubling news comes in the form of updates regarding the air quality tests. In the recent report it was found that...

Air quality samples have revealed the

presence of dozens of toxins

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This is currently all that is now known regarding the newest information from the sites i Warwick. We will continue to update this story as more information comes forward.

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