Ikea is trying something new. Have you heard of "Bug Balls"?

The NY Post is reporting that the worldwide retail giant, known for its furniture, is going to try a new version of its Swedish meatballs. And yes, they're actually made with mealworms. The Post says that the Crispy Bug Balls contain mealworms mixed with carrots and beetroot.

So why are they doing aside from grossing some people out? Well, it's actually part of the company's plan to take on food shortages. Simon Caspersen, who is co-founder of Space 10 (which is a laboratory where the new recipes are being researched and developed), says  the planet's dependency on meat has effected the environment significantly.

Insects generally contain more protein and are lower in fat.

Of course, there's another way of looking at this. You may help save the planet, but you're still eating bugs. Would you try the Bug Burger? It's a burger made with beetroot, parsnip, and mealworms.