One hiker from New Jersey had to be rescued while exploring here in the Hudson Valley after falling 20-feet off a rocky trail.

When you're going out hiking, no matter where you are, you need to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared before hitting the trails. Obviously, no matter how well you prepare, things can always go wrong, that's just life. When exploring nature, always take your time and watch where you're stepping as you can lose your footing very easily on some trails in the Hudson Valley.

On Friday, June 18, Greene County 911 received a report of an injured 19-year-old hiker from Westfield, New Jersey, on Sugarloaf Mountain. The hiker was with two friends, hiking on Devil's Path from Prediger Road when the 19-year-old reportedly fell on the rocky trail, fallen 20-feet downhill off the trail. The hiker temporarily lost consciousness as a result of the fall.

Devil's Path is described as a challenging hike with cliffs and chimneys. The name of the early settlers of the region, who believed that the craggy cliffs were built specifically by the devil so that he alone could climb them to retreat the world of men, according to Wikipedia.  That's not creepy or anything.

Authorities were notified by an SOS beacon that was activated, which placed the injured hiker on the west side of the Sugarloaf Mountain roughly half a mile from the Mink Hollow Notch. Rangers contacted the friends of the injured hiker who had called to reported the incident.

Rangers arrived at the hikers' location along with emergency personnel. Rangers located the hiking group and administered first-aid and began assisting the group out and off the trail. Paramedics evaluated the injured hiker and they were sent to a local hospital for additional medical care.

The Forest Rangers we have here in the Hudson Valley and all across New York State are amazing at what they do and we should be thankful they're there to assist us.

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