An Ulster County woman avoided what could have been a disaster with her iPhone 7. 

On Tuesday, an Ulster County woman was going about her day, when her iPhone 7 randomly powered off.

The phone at the time, had 50 percent battery life, so it was a little strange that it shut off for no reason.

The woman did the logical thing, and plugged the phone into the charger in her car. Now, the charger was an official Apple charger, not an after market one from a gas station or other retailer.

Once the phone was plugged in, the Apple logo came up on the scene, appearing as if the phone was booting up...

The phone then started smoking and the charger port turned red hot. The woman quickly pulled the charger out of the phone.

The charger itself had a hole burnt in the side of the part that connects to the phone, with exposed wires. The phone also had burn marks inside the charger port.

Luckily, the woman caught it quick enough that it didnt result in a full blown fire. The situation could have ended much differently if the person wasn't paying attention (like plugging it in and walking away).

The staff at the Verizon store in Newburgh were very helpful, and replaced the phone right away, no questions asked.