A March Madness bracket of the country's ugliest parking lots has advanced a local town to the Elite Eight.

Streets Blog has returned with "Parking Madness," their annual contest that shames the very worst parking areas across the nation. This year, the tournament is centered around parking lots that are near transit stations.

Making the cut was Poughkeepsie, with its enormous lot and parking garage attached to the Metro North station on Main Street. Submitted by a reader, the lot was chosen as being one of the worst in a city that is already "decimated by parking lots."

In the round of 16, the Poughkeepsie parking lot easily beat out the Metro North stop in Fairfield, Connecticut. This time around it's taking on a top seed; the Citi Field metro station in Queens. While much larger than the Poughkeepsie parking lot, the question remains if it is still as much of an eyesore as our own hometown lot.

As of Thursday morning Poughkeepsie had pulled ahead in the voting, beating Citi Field by a narrow margin of only 51 percent.

Luckily, even if we "win" there may be a silver lining.

The website reports that the city has some plans in the works to revitalize the whole downtown area, making it much more appealing. If that ever happens this may be our last chance to actually win "Parking Madness," so let's not screw it up. You can vote for Poughkeepsie in this year's tournament right here.