Several residents say a group of teenagers is terrorizing the Hudson Valley with a prank that's no laughing matter.

Andrea Connor Hudson says she was taking her baby out of the car when a vehicle full of young men drove by yelling something. When she turned around they hurled a cup of liquid right at her head. Her first thought was "God, don’t be pee, bleach, or some kind of corrosive." Although it turned out to just be water, Hudson was still left shaken. According to other alleged victims, this is not an isolated incident.

Hudson claims that another man approached her after witnessing the attack and said the same thing happened to him just up the street. After the victim detailed her incident on the Beacon, NY Facebook group others quickly came forward, sharing similar attacks on Main Street in Beacon.

Dianan Gerardes wrote "Yes! The same thing happened to me today while walking with my two kids down Main Street (near) Glazed Over Donuts." Facebook user, Johan Ayoob, claims a similar group target him, too. "I had water thrown at me from what I believe was an SUV. Very disturbing. I remember what sounded like a female voice laughing inside the car. This was in front of the post office."

Others say that they've also had things thrown at them from cars. One person claimed an empty vodka bottle was hurled from a passing vehicle, and another says a car stopped in front of Bank Square and threw an egg roll at him. It's unclear if these incidents are related. Some have speculated that the attacks may be the result of an Internet challenge or someone trying to create "shocking" video for their YouTube channel.  Others believe it's just bored kids up to no good.

Detective Sergeant Jason Johnson from the City of Beacon Police Department confirmed there was one reported incident of water being thrown on a person on August 1, which is still under investigation. The officer requests that if there are any witnesses to that alleged attack or other people who also claim to have been targeted, that they contact the detective division.

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