The big losers on Super Bowl Sunday weren't the Bengals, it was the insane number of drunk drivers in the Hudson Valley.

The New York State Police released the results of their STOP-DWI traffic enforcement initiative. Over Super Bowl weekend troopers issued 9,978 tickets. Unfortunately, a majority of them were handed out right here in the Hudson Valley.

Between Friday, February 11 through Monday, February 14 the New York State Police increased patrols and conducted sobriety checkpoints "to deter, identify and arrest impaired drivers."

Funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the New York State Police crackdown resulted in the arrest of 180 people for DWI. During the same span of time, they investigated 529 accidents resulting in 64 people being injured. Luckily there were no fatalities. As part of the enforcement, troopers also targeted speeding and aggressive drivers.

The statistics from each troop show that drivers in the Hudson Valley were, by far, the worst offenders when it came to operating a vehicle under the influence. Even more populated locations like Long Island and Manhattan had far fewer drunk drivers than the Hudson Valley. In fact, the entire number of DWI arrests made by the New York State Thruway patrol was almost eight times less than the number of drivers snagged for driving under the influence in the Hudson Valley.

Check out the list below to see how badly our region compares to the rest of New York State.

Super Bowl DWI Arrests in New York State By Region

The Hudson Valley topped a list of DWI arrests during Super Bowl weekend 2022.

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