Today's Hudson Valley drunk of the day is a gentleman who decided to strip down and relieve himself in public after being kicked out of a local bar on Wednesday evening.

Facebook user Gregory Whitney shared this interesting slice of Poughkeepsie life on our Facebook page last night. In a description of the photo Whitney says that he was back home in the Arlington area of Poughkeepsie enjoying a night out when he happened upon this Hudson Valley hero.

Man Peeing Whitney

According to Whitney, the man in the photo was at Billy Bob's BBQ near Vassar College when he was suddenly kicked out for an undisclosed reason. After being booted from the popular bar and eatery the man reportedly ripped off all of his clothes (except for his socks) and proceeded to urinate directly into a storm drain on Fairmont Avenue.

I'll admit, I've seen some very strange things at the bars around Vassar College, but this is a new one. Did anyone else witness Mr. Hudson Valley last night? And more importantly, does anyone know what happened to his clothes?