Watch out Shark Tank, some local inventors may just have come up with the idea of the century.

If you work in an environment with lots of water or liquids you know just how difficult it is to keep the floor dry. Some enterprising Hudson Valley residents have found a way to tackle the problem, while also potentially earning some serious cash for a worthwhile cause.

Pets Alive in Middletown has developed the Instosqueegee. The idea was born out of necessity, as volunteers were looking for a way to keep the kennel floors dry. Damp floors aren't just a slip hazard, they can promote disease in dogs' feet.

Engineers at Pets Alive took a standard squeegee and tricked it out with some high powered air and custom tubing to create the Instosqueegee. After testing it out for ourselves we can attest that it really does work:

Pets Alive has entered the Instosqueegee in Petco's 2018 Innovation Showdown. The winning product will get $350,000. You can help Pets Alive grab the much-needed donation by voting online before April 9.