Have you ever noticed that water tastes different wherever you go? While some people might not taste the difference, others will be able to describe the flavor that changes based on location.

I notice that when I visit different states, the water doesn't taste similar to what we were used to in New York.

Have you had the water in Ulster County, NY? It may be responsible for NYC's "best bagels".

What Is Riverkeeper And How Is It Saving The Hudson River?

Riverkeeper is a non profit organization that takes pride in protecting and restoring the Hudson River. They created the 7 communities.

Riverkeeper explained that in the 1960's, the Hudson River was suffering from neglect and pollution. Hudson River fishermen came together to make a difference and stop the hazardous waste from polluting the river.

The Hudson River Fishermen's Association was formed and today is now referred to as Riverkeeper.

"Today, Riverkeeper continues its fight, seeking out polluters and teaming with citizen scientists and activists to reclaim the Hudson River."


"And, we also work to ensure that over nine million New Yorkers have clean, safe drinking water. Today, pollution levels are down, and swimming and boating are back."


How Does Riverkeeper Help The Hudson River In 2023?

Riverkeeper holds their vision of guarding the waterways, holding those accountable who pollute in hopes to keep the Hudson River clean and safe.

Riverkeeper also patrols the Hudson River and keeps the community informed of how they can help out as well.

The Hudson Riverkeeper is Tracy Brown and the Boat Captain is John Lipscomb.

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Does Your Hudson Valley Town Benefits From The Seven Communities?

Canva, Riverkeeper
Canva, Riverkeeper

Riverkeeper provides a map that shows the seven communities that rely on the Hudson River. The following locations are included in the seven communities:

"Town of Esopus, Town of Hyde Park, Town of Lloyd, CIty of Poughkeepsie,


Town of Poughkeepsie, Town of Rhinebeck, Village of Rhinebeck"

Riverkeeper shared that, 

"Seven communities and over 100,000 people rely on drinking water from the Hudson River. Riverkeeper helped these seven communities — the City of Poughkeepsie, Village of Rhinebeck and the Towns of Esopus, Hyde Park, Lloyd, Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck — organize as the Hudson River Drinking Water Intermunicipal Council. The focus of the council, known as the Hudson 7, is to protect Hudson River water quality."

With assistance from Riverkeeper, the Dutchess County Department of Planning created the map which was also based on the New York State Department of Health's Source Water Assessment Program.

What water do you rely on? Are you included in the seven communities? Share with us below.

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