With the summer-like weather finally making its way to the Hudson Valley, we were due for an intense storm.

Late Tuesday morning alerts started to come in that sever weather was heading to the Hudson Valley. The National Weather Service in Albany put out several hazardous weather warnings and watches. There were Severe Thunderstorm Warnings throughout every county in the Hudson Valley as well as Flash Flood Warnings.

Hail, strong winds and lightning were reported in Orange, Dutchess, Sullivan, Putnam and Ulster Counties. Intense lightning strikes were captured on cameras around the Hudson Valley and were being shared Tuesday afternoon on social media.

When it comes to the lightning, Spectrum News is reporting that 2 homes in the Hudson Valley were struck by the lightning causing some damages.

According to Spectrum News Meteorologist Jack Durkin, a home in Clintondale was struck by the lightning produced by the storm causing a house fire around 2:00 pm.

Later in the afternoon, around 4:15 pm, a building in Port Jervis reported smoke inside due to lightning strike.

No other information about the homes and the damages brought on by the storm are available at this time, but we will update this story with more information as it comes in.

There were also several reports  of downed trees, downed powerlines and power outages in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Sullivan and Putnam Counties.

The National Weather Service in Albany is reporting more thunderstorms and heavy rain across the Hudson Valley tonight. With that being said, the NWS says that the storms are moving slowly but are "producing torrential downpours."

Did you see any damage in your neighborhood from Tuesday's storm?

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