A failed Warner Bros. zoo and theme park used to operate in our area in the early 70s, and parts of it still remain today.

You can add this to the list of things I never knew about the Hudson Valley.

Our region is full of some fantastic finds, but one of them has all but been lost until now. The Warner Bros. Jungle Habitat opened in the summer of 1972 and abruptly closed in October 1976. This elaborate theme park and zoo was located just across the Orange County border near Warwick in West Milford. According to YouTubers Map Our Adventure, ruins from the park can still be found standing today.

Remains of the park are pretty easy to find, although they are in a remote location. Thanks to someone who dropped a pin on Google Maps, a simple web search will show you exactly where to start your journey. The park was located off Airport Road south of Greenwood Lake Turnpike.

The park consisted of a safari ride, of which the tracks can still be seen today. There was also a jungle habitat including a pool and aviary that once housed living animals. Both of those features, as well as many other are still standing today.

If you want to see some of the insane remnants from this long-lost theme park, just scroll down below. A full video tour follows some of the highlighted images we grabbed so you can take a closer look at these wild details.

Abandoned Warner Bros. Zoo Discovered by Hikers

Back in the 1970s there was a Warner Bros. zoo and theme park near Greenwood Lake, and its ruins can still be found rotting away in the woods.

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