A Hudson Valley father of five died from COVID-19 on his twin's birthday. His family says the healthcare system failed them.

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Sonny Aravena, 44, of New Windsor died last week from coronavirus. He died last Sunday on his twin daughter's 10th birthday.

"The health care system failed us. My soulmate is gone. The pain is unbearable,” his wife Melody wrote on Instagram, according to WPIX. "I want you all to know that he died on March 29, 2020, the day we should have been celebrating the 10th birthday of our twin daughters. His last words to me were, ‘Mel, I never knew love like this before. I love you.’”

According to his wife, Aravena was admitted to a hospital in Orange County 13 days after he first developed COVID-19 symptoms. Prior to being admitted to a hospital, his family told WPIX he repeatedly sought help from a local urgent care and local emergency room.

"The doctors sent him away three times," his wife wrote in an Instagram post, according to Pop Culture. "Even with an oxygen level of 89. Go home. Go quarantine."

His wife said it took Aravena a week to get a coronavirus test. The test came back positive days after he died.

“I don’t understand,” Melody Aravena told WPIX. “I live in the greatest country in the world. It took a week to get a COVID test.”

A GoFundMe was started for Aravena's family. As of this writing, over 78,000 has been raised.

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