These Hudson Valley drivers had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they went to claim their free gas.

On Friday morning The Boris & Robyn Show hosted their annual "Thanksgiving" food drive. WPDH listeners were given free gas cards in exchange for their donations of non-perishable food items to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

The giveaway started at 7am, but generous Hudson Valley residents started lining up way before that to make sure they could get their free gas.

While waiting for 7am to arrive we thought it might be fun to try out this Mannequin Challenge we've heard so much about.

So how do you think we did? The 35 degree temperatures might have helped everyone stay in character, since our expressions weren't the only things that were frozen while standing outside.

If you missed out on Tanksgiving you can still make a donation to the Food Drive. Our sister stations will be set up at ShopRite locations throughout the Hudson Valley all weekend long, with all food items going directly to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.