A mysterious Hudson Valley road sign has local motorists wondering who is Michelle and why does someone miss her so much?

The curious billboard simply says "Hi Michelle Miss You," which has led many people to wonder what the story behind the message is. Some see the sign as a sweet gesture, while others say they're "creeped out" by it.

There are lots of strange signs posted all over the Hudson Valley that have been put up by people spouting political opinions, advertising odd music groups or just trying to make people laugh, but this one is a bit different.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Those who've seen the sign can attest to just how big it is. And, unlike lots of other signs posted throughout the Hudson Valley, this one was built to withstand the elements. Painted on solid wood, the sign is affixed to a metal frame that appears to be repurposed from an old construction road sign. The lettering on the sign is also quite precise, which makes one deduce that the person who erected it put lots of time and thought into the message.

So, who exactly is Michelle and why does someone miss her so much that they'd put a sign like this up on a road?

Some people that we've talked to imagine that it could be a friend or loved one that had a falling out with the sign maker. Others have a more sinister theory. One commuter told us that they think it was put up by a stalker who has found a loophole to avoid violating a restraining order. While that may be far-fetched, there's also the possibility that the sign is some sort of viral marketing campaign. What the message could be advertising is anyone's guess.

A. Boris
A. Boris

The sign's location could give some clues as to what its purpose actually is. Positioned on Pendell Road near Violet Avenue in Poughkeepsie, the billboard is just down the road from Dutchess Community College. This may somehow lend credibility to the theory that the message is meant as a love letter to an old flame.

We should note that our radio studio is also located just a hundred yards or so from the sign, which could give some weight to the idea that it's meant as a viral marketing campaign. Perhaps the sign maker is hoping to generate some free publicity. If that's the case, I guess we just played right into their hands. Well done.

Do you have any information on who may have put up the sign or the identity of Michelle? If so, please drop us a line on our app so we can update our readers and listeners on this strange mystery.

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