If you need a flu shot but are afraid it's going to hurt, some local doctors have a great solution for you.

Getting a flu shot is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family. Dr Shantala Sonnad and Dr. Donzella Dixon from Health Quest medical practice in LaGrangeville explained that last year's flu season was the worst in 40 years, leaving 80,000 people dead from the virus. Among those, 180 were children. The most terrifying statistic is that 80% of those who died did not receive the flu shot. It's safe to say that many lives would have been saved by simply getting the vaccine.

Many people have excuses for getting the shot. Some claim it makes them sick, which is simply not true. It's impossible for the flu shot to give you the flu. The vaccine contains a dead virus strain that simply cannot infect you. What some people do experience is mild cold like symptoms for a day or two. That's just your immune system reacting to the shot, producing antibodies that will fight the flu if you come in contact with it.

Others claim that they got the flu shot but still got the flu. As the flu virus mutates throughout the season, it is very possible that you can get the flu. But those who are vaccinated generally see fewer symptoms, unlike those who have no protection at all.

While there are plenty of other excuses people use to not get the flu shot, most people simply don't like to get shots. That's understandable, as many people recall those painful memories of getting shots as a kid or watching their own children shriek in terror after getting stuck with a needle.

The flu shot, however, can actually be completely pain free. That's right, I received a shot this year and didn't even know that it was being done before it was all over. You can have the same pain-free experience if you just remember a few simple tricks, which we've demonstrated below.

If you're ready for your flu shot, or have more questions about the vaccine, you can contact Dr. Shantala Sonnad and Dr. Donzella Dixon over at the Health Quest medical practice in LaGrangeville.