A recent Tball game in the Town of Poughkeepsie was interrupted several times by an adorable family of ducks.

The game was being played on the fields near New Hamburg on Tuesday night. Two teams from the Poughkeepsie Babe Ruth Tball league were in the middle of the second inning when play was suspended by a family of ducks.

The ducks made their way from the outfield down the third base line to the delight of the young athletes. Tball players are commonly distracted by the simplest of things. A stray dandelion or an airplane in the sky can bring the game to a grinding halt. So just imagine what a family of ducks walking through the infield will do.

The ducks were chased away several times by the coaches, but the persistent family continued to return to the field, perhaps hoping to share in the teams' after-game snacks.

Even though the ducks refused to leave, they did finally agree to stand to the side of the field, allowing the players to finish their game.