With Halloween occurring this weekend, it will be unlike the normal Halloween nights that we are used to having. Here are some ways to enjoy the festivities while abiding by the proper guidelines.

Halloween is here and what are we to do? Many people are used to going out to Halloween parties, hitting the bar for a costume contest, and going door-to-door to collect some delicious candy. No matter what you do to celebrate the holiday, the pandemic has probably thrown a wrench in your plans.

Some people may have no problem taking their kids door-to-door, while others may want to explore other options that will allow them to enjoy Halloween while also staying safe at the same time. There are some towns here in the Hudson Valley that have more or less canceled Halloween, while others are encouraging people to seek other options.

There are many things to do that your kids will love and will keep the Halloween spirit high in your household. Many towns and villages throughout the Hudson Valley.

One idea is to utilize what every company has, and go virtual by holding a virtual costume party with games and other fun. To get your neighbors involved and have a car parade where families show-off their costumes.

You could get a Halloween themed pinata and have the kids wack the heck out of it in order to earn some candy. You could decorate your home this year. Maybe it's not your thing, but it would help fill any void you're going through this year due to the pandemic.

Play games, like Halloween Bingo, or pin the wart on the witch, okay I made that one up but you get the point. Don't let this stupid pandemic ruin your fun this Halloween. Get creative and make memories, pandemic or not.

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