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Tragedy has struck the radio station: a bottle of soda is stuck in the vending machine and no one seems to know how to get it out. It's pizza Fridays, everyone is thirsty, and someone has been dying for a soda. They go to the vending machine, put in their money, and....nothing. The bottle they get comes halfway out. It's stuck, their day is ruined, nothing can solve this.

Except you.

How should we get this bottle of soda out? We've tried pretty much everything we can think of. We don't want to break the machine because we're civilized, but we are desperate to get this soda out. It's a matter of life or death (alright I'll tone the dramatics down a little bit).

Taylor Dickson
Taylor Dickson

Comment below or on our Facebook to tell us how you would get this suck bottle of soda out from the vending machine.

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