Now that Easter has gone and passed, we're faced with dealing with the aftermath of the candy overload that remains. How's the candy situation at your house?

I love all the holidays that we get to celebrate, and I enjoy them to their fullest, but there is so much candy in my house right now, that I'm going to have a hard time preventing myself from eating it all. My kids made out pretty well for Easter between us and other family members. All that candy has added up, and when you consider two kids, plus two baskets each, then the random candy collected during two separate egg hunts, it's a lot.

Also, we always overdo it with the candy, and we always have extra, but this year I feel like there is just way too much candy in my face. Surely it's not good to eat all this sugary deliciousness, but I'm going to, that's for sure.

Why do we do this to ourselves each year? We strive to give our kids everything, and especially now during the pandemic during holidays we want to make sure our kids still enjoy them to the fullest. What's the time frame given for the Easter candy to go?

How long do you give, before it has to go? One week? Two? I feel like I always end up with a giant zip-lock bag full of extra candy at some point. Do you indulge and gobble down all the leftover candy as I do? I can't be alone...right?...

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